Work in progress. and my English is not that smooth but I hope you get the main idea of me.

Who I Am

This is dx0ne speaking.
I’m Flash Developer based in Warsaw, Poland.
Visiting planet Earth for 26 years now.
I was studying some computer science and journalism. Worked in IT outsourcing. Now I’m chasing the dream – I want to be a lumberjack… I mean… want to be best flash developer in whole wide world. Or Mars at least.
For over a year I’ve worked in Pro-Creation.pl where I’ve created games, websites and applications. And since then I work as freelance flash games and apps developer. Check out my portfolio.

What I want

My life passion is creating interactive stuff like games, presentations, websites, toys. I want to do quality things that run smooth, look good and are fun experience.
I learn new things almost everyday and I want to expand knowledge about programming and design. And ancient Egypt too.
I love juggling with ideas. narf!

What I know

I’m skilled in ActionScript3.0
(AS2 also but please don’t make me go back there)
Worked with Box2dAS3 library and AMFPHP
I’ve shaken hands with AIR platform and Papervision.

Did basic backend with XML/PHP/mySQL
I have very basic knowledge of HTML/CSS
I also love playing with Processingsee result here

I’m pretty smooth operator in Photoshop


  • game designing
  • picture taking/making
  • comics reading
  • cooking
  • having fun with friends


Ancient Civilizations, Blogging, Books, Board Games, Chatting, Cooking, Comedy, Comics, Digital Graphics, Fictional Books, Game Design, Information Technology, Internet, Movies, Music, Mythology, Open Minded People, Photography, Programming, People, Science fiction, Video Games

What I like

I always listen to music. It’s my only serious addiction so far. It’s relaxing, inspiring and makes voices in my head go away. Ekhm… for details visit my Last.fm profile.

Comic Books
I love them and that sums it up. They are real food for imagination and very inspirational(can you say ‘they’ about comics?). All time faves? Works of Ellis, Bilal, Gaiman.

Well I haven’t find my inner-Picasso yet, but I find my ways in making pictures too. Mostly in generative art via Processing, but also some click’hand in Photoshop. My newest hobby is photography. Check my Flickr photostream

Who would thought, huh? I like playing, designing and creating games. Not only computer ones, but also boardgames. I recommend it for you and your friends. It will waste your time “the fun way”. Join me in Kongregate in Lair/PL Kościuszko chatroom where I waste my time.

Of course this is me in nutshell. I like diversity so I try different things, meet new people or ideas. If you have some question contact me via email. If you are member of Swedish Bikini Team marry me and we will have plenty time to talk.

Websites I use / Online profiles

Google Reader

Favorite Quotes

Life is just… and a lemon.
Live fast, love hard, die young
i’m not crazy. i’m helicopter.

My favourites


W.Gibson – Mona Lisa Overdrive
Ph.K.Dick – Ubik
D.Coupland – Microserfs
N.Gaiman – American Gods
A.Rice – The Vampire Lestat


Audioslave, Bonnie Tyler, Chevelle, Cold, Creed, Crystal Method, Disturbed, Elisa, Eurythmics, Evanescence, Farmer Boys, Filter, Godsmack, Katie Melua, Lost Prophets, Madonna, Massive Attack, Metallica, Michael Jackson, Muse, Norah Jones, Papa Roach, Placebo, Portishead, Ra, Radiohead, Rihanna(yeah i like her songs, what the fucking problem ppl have with that), System of a Down, Within Temptation

Radio Stations

Channel X @ 1.fm
The Atlantic Sound Factory
Blues @ 1.fm
Smooth Jazz @ SKY.fm
SalsaStream @ SKY.fm
you can find them at shoutcast.com


Alien 2, Blade, Bourne series, Constantine, Falling Down, Fight Club, Forest Gump, Ghost in the shell, Godfather, Matrix, Resident Evil, Siege, Transporter, Underworld
…and any with Jean-Claude Van Dame
full list on Flixter

TV Shows

Batman Beyond, That 70′s Show, The Office (us), The X Files


Al Pacino, Denzel Washington, Edward Norton, Jodie Foster, Kate Beckinsale, Marcin Dorociński (he’s a polish actor so 100% u dont know him but u should hope he gets involved in some international movie), Matt Damon, Téa Leoni, Wesley Snipes, Robert De Niro, Samuel L. Jackson


Nikopol Trilogy
30 days of night
Fallen Angel
Red Sonja
Silent Hill
Punisher v5
Get Fuzzy
Questionable Content
Perry Bible Fellowship

more to come