junkImade: flickrBoing

This is some old project. First or second made with Flickr API, ported from AS2 to AS3 because it wasn’t so smooth there. It’s useless but I learned a lot from it and I’m somehow happy with result(which is rare).

You can drag balls with mouse.
Double click show 5 photos of chosen contact.

play with flickrBoing (you can use my login for quick run)

junkImade: flickrBoing
screenshot @ Flickr

As I said making this was equal to learning. Where’s learning there are bugs. And bugs in programming means: a) catastrophe b) funnn!

At very beginning of project things weren’t working as I thought the would, which resulted in the “orbits” mutation. Double click promote ball to higher orbit which, with small invention on our side, gives possibility to create some structures.

junkImade: flickrBoing orbits mutation
screenshot @ Flickr

You know how it goes: 99 bugs in my code. I fixed one bug! … 101 bugs in my code… Well fixing mutation can produce, well other mutation. Bug in gravitation code on the other hand can produce… consciousness? In flickrBoing_predators double clicked balls acts like they have some AI behind them. They try to catch and keep normal-flock balls. Produce few of them – they will fight for food ;]

To get crossdomain (FP9+ I guess) you need to manually load files for each farm:


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