junkImade: AS3 particles waterfall

First “big” thing made in AS3, during first week of learning it, back in the June last year.
Used setPixel, BitmapData.lock/unlock, blur, distortion and some caching of precomputed bitmaps(for water). Still it could use some optimizations and for sure some cleaning. It’s small and stupid simple but it was first thing that made me really proud(I tend to be over-critical for myself) and one that made me “wow!” for AS3 performance(i did some stress testing with 20000 particles). Funny that I’m posting it now.

here’s basic version: AS3 particles waterfall (it’s CPU heavy!)

AS3 particles waterfall
screenshot @ Flickr

and this is with Flickr(yep, i like working with it). the curtains like effect is accidental :)
AS3 particles waterfall
screenshot @ Flickr

2 Responses

  1. Renan Says:

    Can you show me the waterfall code?
    I loved it so much!!


  2. Yuri Klebanov Says:

    Hey dx0ne!

    we are a team of students from Bezalel,
    an academy of arts and design in Jerusalem Israel.

    we are currently working on the project that’s invovlving
    motion tracking of a crowd in a gallery and tarnslating that
    motion into a particle system that will be projected
    on a big screen.

    while strolling around the web looking for a particle system
    ideas we might use in the project we found your blog.
    and were amazed by the particles waterfall which u wrote in AS3.
    and we thoght that about asking for a permission using your code in our project.

    what we are planning to do is building a blob reconizing algoritm which will track the people walking around the gallery/street and project their blobs on a huge screen.. bringing down your waterfall on their blobs will be an amazing addon to the project!

    we think that a cooperation of such kind might bring us
    to amazing results!

    we wold love to share our final results when we are done..

    so please let us know what do u think?

    looking fowrad gerat cooperation!

    Senceirly yours! Yuri Gil And Daniel from Jerusalem!

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