Sep 13

Just playing with some bitmap filling.
Upper quote from Why You Should Celebrate Your Mistakes
Lower paraphrasing Warren Ellis’ Spider Jerusalem.
Icons by famfamfam

download 1680×1050 from Flickr
and here’s version with shadows – cpu heavy

Feb 10

First “big” thing made in AS3, during first week of learning it, back in the June last year.
Used setPixel, BitmapData.lock/unlock, blur, distortion and some caching of precomputed bitmaps(for water). Still it could use some optimizations and for sure some cleaning. It’s small and stupid simple but it was first thing that made me really proud(I tend to be over-critical for myself) and one that made me “wow!” for AS3 performance(i did some stress testing with 20000 particles). Funny that I’m posting it now.

here’s basic version: AS3 particles waterfall (it’s CPU heavy!)

AS3 particles waterfall
screenshot @ Flickr

and this is with Flickr(yep, i like working with it). the curtains like effect is accidental :)
AS3 particles waterfall
screenshot @ Flickr

Jan 9

Playing with ActionScript3 and physic library Box2dAS3.

It’s ongoing project. Code is quick’n'dirty so I’m gonna rewrite it and add few features like bolts/nails, more shapes, saving scenes, etc. Also thinking about some better interface and separation between creation/simulation. So stay tuned.

Everything you need is under S [hold it].

play with Brickos

Brickos v0.2
screenshot @ Flickr

Jan 6

Thing was to create parametrized GUI for mp3 player. Params are like: color, roundness, line thickness or visibility and size of controls.

Mini version could look like this:
Plohyer mini

Dec 23

This is some old project. First or second made with Flickr API, ported from AS2 to AS3 because it wasn’t so smooth there. It’s useless but I learned a lot from it and I’m somehow happy with result(which is rare).

You can drag balls with mouse.
Double click show 5 photos of chosen contact.

play with flickrBoing (you can use my login for quick run)

junkImade: flickrBoing
screenshot @ Flickr

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Dec 23

Alternative way to view Flickr photostream or interestingness feed. The main idea was this drag’n'throw mechanism, then I thought it could be gallery.

In menu you can bring more photos, go full screen or distribute thumbnails on circle/grid. Enjoy.


junkImade: tableGallery
screenshot @ Flickr

Dec 21

Wanted to do this for long time. I wasn’t expecting it would run that smooth in full browser window (i have 21″ screen). AS3.0 is really nice thing.

clipWall (wait few seconds for filling up the buffer)

junkImade: clipWall
screenshot @ Flickr

Dec 8

Here comes the junk.

Thanks to Ben Heys for photo. Check out his stuff(goood one) at

Go play with disintegrationPuzzle.

junkImade: disintegrationPuzzle
screenshot @ Flickr

Sep 22

junkImade is some useless stuff I make. Small demos, experiments, subproducts of ActionScript learning. Showcase of my skills. Random crap like XML based gallery, SQL based gallery, gallery with thumbnails, SQL based gallery with XML descriptions and cool mouse over effect, etc.

wordFishEye is sth like tagCloud but in 3d and without tags ;] It grabs top 50 fav artists from given profile.

If you don’t have account just click textfield and press enter – it’ll use my login.

Red bar is mode(list, spindle, warp, ball, wormhole).
Blue controls focal.
Green is radius.
Orange? is words scale.
Circles are presets so you don’t have to play with bars on your own – how kind of me ;]
Hold mouse to speed up rotation.
Press letter to filter artists by… first letter(enter clears).
Double click to search artist on YouTube (pretty much useless).

wordFishEye <-- click here for live demo

If anybody is interested i’ll clean up and post code for scroolbars.

Sep 12

Well I don’t feel much like a programmer, but writing this was proposed by my laziness. Anyway it’s good opportunity to write small code that could be actually useful:

function getYearDay():int {
var n:int = 0;
var td:Date = new Date();
var d:Date = new Date (td.getFullYear(), 0, 1);
while ( d.getTime() < td.getTime() ) {
d.setDate( d.getDate() + 1 );
return n;
if ( getYearDay() != 2 >> 8 ) {

getYearDay() function was highly based on this stuff by tvmiller

Another thing around this is Wikipedia article or rather lack of it. It was deleted by some Wikipedia Nazis ;] Read the discussion. I have no idea why they are so pushy towards deleting it since, as someone mentioned, there is place on Wikipedia for such things as Pi Day, Mole Day, Square root day, Towel Day, System Administrator Appreciation Day.

Anyway I better get back to work.

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